Introducing Audrey!!

The newest member of the Family Tree tribe.

“Audrey oozes 50’s style and sophistication” Diane & Sam

Audrey is a 1959 Morris Minor 1000 who has been lovingly and painstakingly brought back to life and is now restored to her former glory. A perfect wedding car for any couple who want a wedding car that’s a little bit different and fun !

How we met Audrey

I have always loved a moggy and was one day, chatting to one of my best friends Sam about my ideas for expanding ‘Family Tree’ to include a Morris Minor wedding car, and she suggested we take on the challenge together.

As fate would have it, we found this beauty in a classic car auction a few weeks after and she’s now moved to Southampton and been named Audrey after my late mum. It was meant to be !!

What’s included

Audrey will ensure you arrive in comfort and style as a booking with us includes the following:

  • Audrey can seat a driver and 2 passengers and is equipped with fully fitted seatbelts.
  • If you hire the beautiful Morris Minor wedding car to drive you on your wedding day you will get, one of us, dressed to compliment the car, to drive you on your journey.
  • Audrey will be dressed to match your colour scheme with flowers and ribbons.
  • She has everything you might need to make your journey comfortable, with rugs, cushions and an umbrella available should the weather be a bit tricky (but let’s hope it will be sunny on your big day). She will also have her bag of tricks with her in case of any hair or dress emergencies.
  • As a special touch we will have some treats for you and your partner to enjoy on the way to your reception venue.
  • We will only ever book one wedding a day so you will have plenty of time to get all those wonderful pictures of your wedding party with the car.


A booking for Audrey will cost £350

We only have one level of service and thats Gold !!

Our price includes Flowers, Ribbons, Prosecco and chocolates, a personalised card and anything else you might need on your special day ....

How to book

Due to Audrey’s age, we will be offering our services in Hampshire and surrounding areas only. To book Audrey all we need is a completed booking form and a £50 deposit, so don’t delay, contact us today so that we can have a chat about how Audrey can make your special day even better.

Email us on or call Sam on 07922 104994

Fancy a matching VW Camper ?

If you would like to book Audrey’s friend Dora, a 1970, T2, Bay window VW camper then please contact Lorraine at Campers of Distinction Tel: 07891 730888


If you book any combination of Audrey, Dora and Diane (As a Celebrant) you will receive £50 off each individual price. Contact Diane, Family tree ceremonies to check availability.


Whatever the occasion we hope Audrey can add a special touch to your day.